Read, Write, Recycle!

In Fall 2012, Assemblymember Dr. Richard Pan, the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) launched Read Write Recycle! in the Sacramento area. Over a five-week period, 4,300 students from six schools, including Natomas Park Elementary, Witter Ranch Elementary, Heron School, H. Allen Hight Elementary, Greer Elementary and Whitney Avenue Elementary, competed in a challenge to recycle the most paper, aluminum, glass and plastic materials while earning funds to benefit their local schools.

The Sacramento Read, Write, Recycle! Challenge began in September 2012 in the San Juan and Natomas Unified School Districts with a kick-off event in early October at Whitney Avenue Elementary School to introduce the challenge and motivate the students to recycle. The program provided recycling tip sheets to help students understand the concept of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. A total of 155 recycle bins were placed at participating schools by the SRCC, and students were encouraged to collect and bring recyclable materials from home.

The six participating schools in the two districts competed for a $500 school district level prize based on the most recyclable materials collected per capita (based on student enrollment), as well as a $1,000 grand prize for the school who recycled the most materials per capita. The Challenge ended on October 30, with the six schools recycling a total of 2,892 pounds of material, including 467 pounds of plastics.

Whitney Avenue Elementary won the grand prize of $1,000 by recycling the most materials, a total of 1,124 pounds of materials, including 236 pounds of plastics. Witter Ranch Elementary won the Natomas School District level prize of $500.

Read, Write, Recycle! Challenge Results (Based on Student Enrollment):

1) WHITNEY AVENUE ELEMENTARY – 3.5 pounds per student for a total of 1,124 lbs.

2) WITTER RANCH ELEMENTARY – 1.14 pounds per student for a total of 914 lbs.

3) GREER ELEMENTARY – 0.58 pounds per student for a total of 290 lbs.

4) NATOMAS PARK ELEMENTARY – 0.24 pounds per student for a total of 241 lbs.

5) H. ALLEN HIGHT ELEMENTARY – 0.22 pounds per student for a total of 183 lbs.

6) HERON SCHOOL – 0.15 pounds per student for a total of 140 lbs.

In addition to the funds raised by recycling the materials collected, all of the schools received a $150 cash prize from the American Chemistry Council for their participation. The combined funds will enable classrooms in this school district to purchase school supplies and materials. Additionally, through a partnership with Round Table Pizza all of the students from the winning school received a coupon for a free pizza.

Infographic depicts the amount of recyclables collected by the 1,500 WCUSD students that participated in the Read, Write, Recycle! Challenge and what that plastic could be recycled into.
Pictured from left are State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, ACC Western Region Manager Sherri McCarthy, Merced Elementary School Principal Gordon Pfitzer, SGVCC Executive Director Danny Oaxaca and State Sen. Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D.