Our Programs

Recycle. Goal.

Encouraging team spirit and recycling in Southern California

Recycle Awareness Night

Recycle Your Plastic for a Free River Cats Baseball Ticket!

Go H20!

Encouraging healthy habits, recycling and waste reduction in LA County

Green Gardens!

An after school program in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Read, Write, Recycle!

Challenging youth to recycle for their school in Northern and Southern California

Chapter Challenge

Rewarding youth recycling in the Central Valley

Recycling Away From Home

Providing away-from-home recycling at California’s rest stops

State Parks

Educating San Diego youth on preserving state parks and beaches

Christine Tahoe“Recycling is one of the easiest steps we can all take to protect our environment – and California has led the way in diverting materials from disposal. We know that Californians want to recycle when they are away from home, such as in our parks or on our beaches. That is why this partnership to provide more recycling opportunities is so important and has been so successful.”

- Christine L. Flowers, Director of Keep California Beautiful

Jerry Sanders“Public-private partnerships like the one we are celebrating today allow government, industry and communities to work together to solve problems, without further burden on taxpayers.”

Jerry Sanders, San Diego Mayor


The 2Valuable2Waste program is governed by three simple principles:

  • Plastics are reliable, convenient, affordable and sustainable.
  • Trash and litter are serious issues. Recyclable plastics belong in recycling bins, not on our beaches or in our waterways.
  • America’s plastics companies are committed to working with others who share an interest in protecting the environment by bringing to life real solutions to help educate Californians about ways to prevent litter and increase recycling.