Welcome to Plastics. Too Valuable To Waste. Recycle.

On behalf of America’s plastics companies, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) works with California-based partners to provide recycling-on-the-go opportunities, and to educate California’s youth about the importance of recycling. Our goal is to keep recyclable plastics out of landfills, oceans and waterways.

  • Since 2009, through a partnership with LA’s BEST, an af"bins on beaches" "LA's Best"ter school enrichment program serving Los Angeles, more than 25,000 students actively participate in the Go H2O! Challenge, which teaches students about the importance of recycling and healthy habits.
  • For two years, the Recycle. Goal. program has engaged more than 400 players spanning five clubs and 25 teams across Southern California. In 2011, the contest ran from August 20 through October 31 resulting in 26,269.9 lbs of overall recycled materials, specifically 2,656.4 lbs of plastic.
  • ACC sponsors an education program with California State Parks that has reached nearly 11,000 people in the San Diego area with recycling education information. In 2011, this program supported 51 beach cleanups and collected 5,858 pounds (nearly three tons) of trash and 559 pounds of recyclable materials.
  • Most recently, the Plastics. Too Valuable To Waste. Recycle. campaign has partnered with Boys & Girls Club of California to launch the Chapter Challenge. The program is designed to reward youth for recycling while having participating clubs compete against each other for the opportunity to win prize money to benefit the club’s programs.