Expand Your Plastics Recycling Footprint…and Win!

For many, the kitchen is considered the recycling center of the home.  But, plastics are widely used throughout the house, which means people may overlook the recyclable packaging found in the bathroom.

So, here’s a tip: Plastic bottles and containers for shampoo, conditioner, lotions, sunscreen, mouthwash, body wash, medicines and other products often are made with the same plastics as food packaging, and they are just as easy to recycle.

Recently, Plastics Make it Possible® launched Bathroom to Bin, an interactive online feature that offers some humorous advice on recycling plastics used in the bathroom—plus a chance to win $500. The plastics recycled from a typical bathroom can go on to live another life by being used to make everything from durable outdoor furniture to reusable kitchen items to new packaging. By recycling the plastic bottles and containers throughout our house  and looking for new products made with recycled plastics, we can help close the recycling loop—and create demand for even more recycling.

Check out Bathroom to Bin and explore an interactive medicine cabinet full of beauty and personal care products that offers practical recycling tips and amusing facts. You also can answer a single-question poll about recycling to be entered into the Bathroom to Bin Giveaway for a chance to win a $500 American Express gift card.

Visit the Bathroom to Bin interactive feature and enter the Giveaway here.

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